Five Months of Coffee

December 29 2022

I like to collect things. Maybe it’s a habit adopted from my immigrant parents. Maybe it’s an obsession of my mathematically inclined brain to collect and analyze the minutia of my life. Maybe it’s the artist in me believing that mundane objects could be combined into mixed medium visual art.

Anyways, here’s the coffee I’ve drank in the last five months. I don’t have the exact dates of when I bought each bag but I’m going off roast date which should be close enough.

coffee bags

In the photo, the bags are sorted from left to right, top to bottom in order of oldest to newest.

NameRoasterTasting NotesRoast DateOrigin
BlueboonSight Glass, San Francisco, CaliforniaMilk Chocolate, Mandarin, HoneysuckleAugust 26blend from Central America and East Africa
El PilarFour Barrel Coffee, San Francisco, CaliforniaSyrup, Elderberry, MolassesAugust 22Guatemala
Tanzania PeaberryPublik, Salt Lake City, UtahGreen Grape, Passion Fruit, CrispSeptember 13Tanzania
Daye BensaMr Espresso, Oakland, CaliforniaStrawberry, Guava, Meyer LemonN/AEthiopia
Las PolomasRitual, San Francisco, CaliforniaCitrus, Raspberry, FloralOctober 9Guatemala
Samuel Junior BermudezManhattan, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsStar Anise, Dark Fudge, VerbenaOctober 18Colombia
IsimbiVerve, Santa Cruz, CaliforniaGolden Raisin, Hazelnut, CacaoOctober 18Rwanda
KeynoteChromatic, San Jose, CaliforniaCaramel, FudgeNovember 21blend from Brazil
Hunky Dory (decaf)Sight Glass, San Francisco, CaliforniaToffee, Red Grape, BergamotNovember 10Varying
LagunetasFour Barrel Coffee, San Francisco, CaliforniaLavender, Cane SugarDecember 11El Salvador

Most of the bags I get from Whole Foods. Whole Foods generally stocks a good selection of local roasters. If you also live in the Bay Area, I’ve found that the South Bay Whole Foods will carry a wider selection of roasters (like Chromatic). The freshness of the beans is pretty hit or miss but the cost per bag is cheaper than buying it directly from the roaster, especially if they have a sale.

A few of the bags I got directly from coffee shops. Most notably, the bag from Publik is from my travels to Salt Lake City, Utah. I visited their location on W Temple Street last time I was climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon and Joe’s Valley. I try to buy a bag of coffee from a local roaster whenever I travel. Local coffee is also a really easy gift for your friends that are into coffee.

I probably spend about $20 - $40 a month on coffee. That’s a lot considering I used to spend less than $15 a month back in College. My living expenses are low right now so I can justify buying nicer things. That cost doesn’t include all the trips I make to coffee shops though, since I do love a good espresso drink, which I can’t make at home.

I can’t say that’ve learned very much about tasting coffee. I know what flavors I like (acidic) and what I don’t (chocolaty) but beyond that, I don’t have any advice on which bags to pick.

Well, now that I’ve recorded this data, I can finally throw away these bags. See you in about five months!