Self Inflicted Haircut

10 Nov 2022

I cut my own hair yesterday. I’ve been cutting my own hair since 2020. If you’ve seen me in the last two years, then you’ve probably seen my self inflicted haircut.

I like being self sufficient. It’s nice not having to rely on another human for sometime so basic.

Last weekend, Elliott and Tim cooked some steaks for us. They’ve both been cooking steaks since college. I thought the steaks were really good but the chefs kept saying it could be better. I think that’s it’s good that they continue to strive for perfection but sometimes it can also be good to just look back and see the progress they’ve made so far.

I’d say the same thing about my hair cutting skills. The first few I did were, thankfully, during the pandemic because whoo boy did they look bad. But they’ve slowly gotten better and I think other people can see that too. Sometimes, when I learn something new, I get caught up in how slow and invisible progress is. So it’s nice that for hair cutting, my skill progression is blatantly visible on the top of my head.