I Love Bread (Backhaus)

26 Oct 2022

I love bread. I love bakeries.

I try to check out any local bakeries whenever I travel, but we also have bakeries at home. Of the ones at home, Backhaus is a lovely shop in San Mateo. When I think of food, I usually think of things in San Francisco, but there’s a host of great shops on the Peninsula. Gotta rep where I’m from.


Backhaus has both delicious bread and delicious coffee.

I’ve heard that the coffee is from Ritual and that the baristas at Backhaus are trained by Ritual.

They sell bread, they sell loafs. The asiago black pepper loaf is real good. They also have regular loafs, sourdough loafs, and more.

backhaus bread

The crust is crispy and nutty. The innards are hella qq. Just look at that gluten development.

backhaus seeded sourdough

They were serving pretzels and a beer during Oktoberfest. It’s quite fun to get drunk in a place that I wouldn’t normally be able to get drunk. Also, I’m super light weight so I can get drunk off one beer.

backhaus pretzel

There are also baked goods on certain days. I went to get the croissants after an early morning gym session. One of my favorite things to do is find a cute cafe or bakery to chill at in the morning. I usually spend my mornings around China Town so it’s nice to have a change of pace.

backhaus chocolate croissant

The ham and cheese croissant is pretty good too. I’m thinking of starting a ham and cheese croissant tier list soon. I’ve had a really good ham, cheese and jalapeño croissant from Tartine and Nate says the ones from Arsicult are real good too.

backhaus ham and cheese croissant

I had a dream in college that if the electrical engineering thing didn’t work out, I’d open a bakery called ‘Half Baked’. At ‘Half Baked’, half the shop would sell delicious baked goods and the other half would sell the same baked goods but with weed in them. Well, the engineering thing didn’t work out but I ended up getting a regular desk job anyways.