Christmas (J) Tree

27 December 2022

It’s Christmas and this year I spent it in Joshua Tree. Most people take the holidays to go home and visit their parents but my family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas. Something to do with being Chinese Christians and Christmas not actually being Jesus’ birthday. Just so happens that Daniel and Kodai don’t care too much for family Christmas either.

I climbed a lot in JTree in the fall of 2019 up till the early Spring of 2020. Lots of fond memories were forged in the blazing sun and toothy quartz monzonite. Kodai and I used to make the 2.5 hour drive from Irvine almost every other weekend to meet up with Nate, Diya, and friends to chuff on some sandbag problem The Stonemasters FA’d 40 years ago.

This time was no different, still chuffing on Nicole overhang, JBMFP, Strawberry Contraceptives. Now I got some new chuffs to wrap up on Dream Sequence and Meadows Direct. I finally stepped up to try White Rasta but unfortunately (fort, unfort, fortnite) fear is the mind killer. Nevertheless, I have a new high point on JBMFP. I finally did False up 20 after staring at it for forever and I sent Sloper Safari. It’s kinda cool to come back after 2 years and having everything feel less sandbag than before.

Special thanks to DMX for giving us the song “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” which always inspires me to try extra hard. And shout-out to Tamale guy for being there for us every morning. And an extra special thanks to Jason for making the drive out on our last day.

susing out meadows direct

Merry Christmas Y’all

merry christmas

P.S. DMX says, you can do it!