Sight Glass: Blueboon

30 August 2022

I love coffee. Today, I just finished a bag of Sight Glass’s Blueboon blend. It’s one of the better blends I’ve had.

Sight Glass’s location on Divisadero in San Francisco is beautiful. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area. They’ve got some delicious pastries and one of my favorite cappuccinos. I’ve taken standup in this coffee shop, met an old friend at this coffee shop, had several cups of coffee in this coffee shop, contemplated my future in this coffee shop. I love this coffee shop, but mostly just the coffee.

I love this part of the city. This portion of Divis, all the way down to the Duboce Triangle has some excellent vibes and restaurants. A highlight is Duboce Park with all its good boys and girls (read: dogs).

Blueboon Coffee Bag Front Blueboon Coffee Bag Back

My current methods of coffee brewing are an Aeropress and a Melitta pour over cone. Each brew method produces slightly different tasting notes.



My Aeropress ratio is 12g coffee to 200g of water which is adapted from James Hoffman’s recipe. Coffee YouTube is pretty fun. James Hoffman’s channel really blew up in that 2018-2019 golden age of YouTube. I’d like to say I was an early subscriber but I probably hopped on the wagon around this same time.

For grind size, I use a Timemore Chestnut C2 at about 13 - 14 clicks. I adjust the grind size depending on the coffee but it’s usually around this mark. The Chestnut C2 was also a recommendation from one of Hoffman’s videos. I’m sure you’re starting to see a trend here.

I can get a pretty consistent cup from an Aeropress but the coffee ends up being a bit lighter overall. I get more of the floral and fruity notes and less of the chocolaty toffee notes.



My Melitta ratio is 15g coffee to 250g of water. This ratio is adapted from a few different sources including ‘Craft Coffee’ by Jessica Easto (a gift from Rebecca) and probably some of James Hoffman’s videos.

The chrome mug in the photo is the vessel portion of a French Press. I use it to pour hot water. I know that I lose some water temperatures during the transfer but I don’t have a better way to pour hot water right now. Back in college, I’d boil water with a pot to get those hot hot temps but I’m a little too old to care now.

For grind size, I use anywhere between 15 to 19 clicks. There’s much more variance in grind size because I have to make sure I don’t get any stalling on the pour. If the grind is too fine, the water flow can get backed up and slow down the brew. Today, we’re going with 16 clicks. Compared to the Aeropress, coffee made with the Melitta aren’t as consistent because of the aforementioned stalling.

The coffee typically has more body compared the Aeropress. I get more of the chocolaty rich flavors and less of the floral, fruity flavors.


Couldn’t ask for a better way to start my day. Tomorrow, I’ve got a new bag of coffee to try but I’ll keep that as a surprise.