January 2021 - February 2021

February 2021

Image Editor

Mosaic is a user based full stack web app made using MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js and React.js. On Mosaic, you can create mosaic style images from a base image or from randomly generated rgb pixel values.

My inspiration was to make something artistic using only CSS and HTML elements. I considered using the HTML canvas element but instead went with using div elements because of it’s customizability with CSS

In the database, the mosaics are represented as a 2D array of RGB pixel objects with other customization data. I originally chose to use PostgreSQL but that was restrictive on adding more customization options for the mosaics. Using MongoDB allows me to continue to expand options and tools for the mosaics without having to overhaul the databse.

To implement users, I used JSON web tokens (JWT) to protect client side routes and API end points from unauthorized users. Local storage and session storage hold the JWT on the client side. Using local storage allows me to parse the JWT to personalize content according to the current users information. I considered using cookies to store the JWT but then I wouldn’t be able to safely access the JWT on the client side. Also I don’t want to get sued by the EU.

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