January 2021 - February 2021

February 2021

MQTT Dashboard

MCutie is a web app that provides logging and real time data graphs for MQTT sensor data. Building off of Esp Temp, I’m planning to build more IoT sensor for home automation.

I wanted a dashboard so that I could log data and monitor my sensors. My initial idea was to write a front-end client to interface with a MQTT broker websocket, but then I wouldn’t be able to log messages.

To both log messages and see real time data, I used a Raspberry Pi as a proxy server. The Pi logs messages into a database and publish relevant messages over a websocket. The client can also use the websocket to publish MQTT messages to the sensors.

live websocket graph

Live Websocket Graph

In addition to the websocket, I also made a REST API for non-live data analysis I’ve wanted to learn backend web development for some time. This project allowed me to pick up Node, Express, and SQLite3 with Sequelize so I’d call it fairly succesful.

If you’re interested in learning more about MCutie, there’s a detailed write up on the GitHub repository I’ve also ported the project over to PostgreSQL for a cloud deployment on Heroku. Check out the demo!